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Hi, my name is Baby Indigo.

I’m surprised this post hasn’t come sooner, but better late than never! This is Baby Indigo, my 2-year-old pomeranian princess who leads a very hard life with dog beds, millions of toys and treats.

Quirky personality.

This little pooch has quite the personality. She’s obsessed with her mom [me] and follows me wherever I go… only a matter of seconds pass before she appears if I change rooms. She had to “learn” how to play with toys and is now obsessed with pulling out the squeakers and stuffing as often as possible.

Yes, I’m a child.

Did I mention that she literally acts like a child? I hold her on my hip and she “speaks” if I ask her to. She is super smart and was able to learn sit, lay, fetch, “tell mommy” and dance like a princess in a matter of minutes.

Such a hard life.

Like I said, she has a hard life. Too many squirrels to chase in her dreams.