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What Not to Wear on TLC


Tacky clothes? 80’s hairstyle? Toe socks? Major fashion faux pas that will not fly on What Not to Wear, but it will get you on the show. Superficially, the hosts Stacy and Clinton seek to take major fashion blunders and turn them into beaming beauties. Yet, it’s more than just the clothes.

Sunday homily and Father Jim decides to bring up What Not to Wear. My ears perk up. He begins to attack the show, bringing up the faults… the idea that these people are humiliated by their attire/hair/appearance on national television. However, his mood changes as he admits that really, it’s not about the clothes. Really, it has nothing to do with the clothes.

The internal changes made within these people are remarkable. They hid behind their clothes for whatever reason: depression, weight gain, loss, low self-esteem, etc. The idea that Stacy and Clinton seek to transform these people not as a fashion statement, but in fact, for the development and renewal of the human spirit is great.

Fashion, at least to me, is not about vanity. It’s not about the labels or the designers. It’s about creating an outfit that spurs confidence and makes you feel good; what lifts your spirit. You should never have to walk through life with your head down or hiding behind baggy clothes. Own it, you deserve it. Walk with your head high and look good doing it.

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