I’m Back


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Life can be so distracting sometimes…

After a month without blogging, I’m back! There has been a lot that has happened between this post and my most recent (and really, not so recent post) but I will be making a concerted effort to blog on a semi-daily basis yet again.

What have I been doing?   Lots.

Check out this new shirt I’m putting together:

Fashion Does Not Equal Vanity


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What Not to Wear on TLC


Tacky clothes? 80’s hairstyle? Toe socks? Major fashion faux pas that will not fly on What Not to Wear, but it will get you on the show. Superficially, the hosts Stacy and Clinton seek to take major fashion blunders and turn them into beaming beauties. Yet, it’s more than just the clothes.

Sunday homily and Father Jim decides to bring up What Not to Wear. My ears perk up. He begins to attack the show, bringing up the faults… the idea that these people are humiliated by their attire/hair/appearance on national television. However, his mood changes as he admits that really, it’s not about the clothes. Really, it has nothing to do with the clothes.

The internal changes made within these people are remarkable. They hid behind their clothes for whatever reason: depression, weight gain, loss, low self-esteem, etc. The idea that Stacy and Clinton seek to transform these people not as a fashion statement, but in fact, for the development and renewal of the human spirit is great.

Fashion, at least to me, is not about vanity. It’s not about the labels or the designers. It’s about creating an outfit that spurs confidence and makes you feel good; what lifts your spirit. You should never have to walk through life with your head down or hiding behind baggy clothes. Own it, you deserve it. Walk with your head high and look good doing it.

‘Til next post

Introducing Baby Indigo


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Hi, my name is Baby Indigo.

I’m surprised this post hasn’t come sooner, but better late than never! This is Baby Indigo, my 2-year-old pomeranian princess who leads a very hard life with dog beds, millions of toys and treats.

Quirky personality.

This little pooch has quite the personality. She’s obsessed with her mom [me] and follows me wherever I go… only a matter of seconds pass before she appears if I change rooms. She had to “learn” how to play with toys and is now obsessed with pulling out the squeakers and stuffing as often as possible.

Yes, I’m a child.

Did I mention that she literally acts like a child? I hold her on my hip and she “speaks” if I ask her to. She is super smart and was able to learn sit, lay, fetch, “tell mommy” and dance like a princess in a matter of minutes.

Such a hard life.

Like I said, she has a hard life. Too many squirrels to chase in her dreams.

New York & Company


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You know that I love a good deal, right? Especially on jewelry…

How does almost $75 worth of jewelry for less than $15 sound? Pretty good to me. New York & Company is running an amazing deal of 80% a lot of their spring/summer collection. Trying to get rid of great jewelry at a super low price? Count me in!

The white chain necklace came in at a staggering $3.99, which will pair well with most anything “summer.” Great summer colors to pair it with? Mint green and coral, my two current favs.

Silver tribal necklace, a little more on the expensive end… $4.99. Gives any outfit a little bit of an edge.

Last but not least, the fantastic and classic gold necklace to the very right, priced at $4.99.



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Life Happens


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I love the message of this song. At the peak of your life and in the depths of your sorrow, life happens. Always live life to the fullest. Love and cherish those around you. Live with no regrets. Never settle. Explore the world. Follow your dreams. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Be inspired. Because while you’re sitting around, life happens.

Casual Chic


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Casual chic lady.

On the go? This outfit is great for running errands, while still looking chic.

Let’s dissect this outfit:

1. Dark khaki skinny pants from Forever 21 ($15.90)

2. Chambory shirt from Marshall’s ($14.99)

3. Creme scarf from Forever 21 ($4.80)

4. Michael Kors ceramic watch from Macy’s (price unknown)

5. Ray Ban aviator sunglasses from Macy’s

6. Nine West colored-toe flats from TJ-Maxx ($10.00)

7. Small rhinestone necklace from Forever 21 ($1.80)

Why this works:

Just because you’re out running errands doesn’t mean you have to look frumpy! This causal look is super classy with lots of neutrals. The dark khaki skinny pants work great with the chambory shirt, paired with the creme scarf. The flats with the coral colored-toe add a great punch of color to the outfit. Finish off with the classic aviator sunglasses and you got a look!

The Giving Keys


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Photo credit: taken from http://www.thegivingkeys.com/. Please be sure to visit for more information.

I’m obsessed with any organization that holds a positive message and seeks to pay it forward in life. This organization takes old keys and engraves positive messages on them. The idea is simple: receive a key with an inspirational message and then at some point, you must give it away to someone who needs the message [on your key]. The site also has a board where people can post their stories about their experience.

The company employs the homeless so they have an opportunity to have a better life. The idea is great. I’m all about it. Plus, these keys are super awesome from a fashion perspective. I love anything that is unique and gives a little “edge” to your outfit.